Prescription Ketamine: Varying Sources and Types

The step before acquiring prescription ketamine is to get the lay of the land about your treatment goals and resulting treatment plan.  There are many ways this medicine can help; mood disorders like depression and anxiety, as a tool for psychotherapy to engage the whole range of therapy themes like  PTSD/ OCD/ trauma/ grief/ inner child work, parts work, relationships/etc, and to support mind flexibility for habit and thought disruption.

Your particular goals and needs related to prescription ketamine will determine the where/what/how. In our free intake consultation, we will help you determine a treatment plan and connect you to the appropriate provider.

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Infusion Centers

Prescription ketamine can be administered in multiple ways, including through infusion. Occasionally infusion centers work with some insurance companies. Eligibility often requires a history of depression and at least prior two anti-depressants trials. Infusions are the most tested as per the molecule itself. This may require infusions 2 to 3 times a week, for 4 to 6 weeks. This can be a good option for folks with treatment resistant depressions, particularly if able to use their medical insurance.

Upsides to Prescription Ketamine Through Infusion Centers:

  • Often covered by insurance
  • Medical monitoring, which is not necessary, but can be a comfort to some
  • Most tested/documented as successful treatment for the benefits of the molecule itself

Unfortunately the sessions are less than ideal for the psychedelic experience itself. It is a distracting environment, with lots of medical monitoring and chit chatting staff. Infusion centers are not focused on the therapeutic value of the trip: theare ill-equip to aid the participant in doing work related to the experience of their psychedelic experience.

Full Living works with local infusion centers. We can provide you with on-site and off-site services to facilitate a more conducive environment with more fruitful opportunities for therapeutic growth.

Downsides to Infusion Centers:

  • The psychedelic experience is compromised by the environment: the infusion center setting distractions are at an all time high.
  • You will need a separate plan to prepare for and integrate your medicine sessions. Full Living can help you coordinate this.
  • You will need to schedule sessions multiple times a week for several weeks. Sessions will likely be during daytime hours and require a ride home.

Prescription Ketamine in Lozenge Form

One way prescription ketamine can be administered is lozenges. This facilitates a psychedelic assisted therapy model: the medicine can be self-administered, in a psychotherapy, retreat or at-home settings. The environment can be controlled to reduce distractions and increase a sense of calm. The client can have their therapist present or even a friend who has been prepped for supporting them.

Full Living offers psychedelic assisted therapy. We can also help to support you in prepping a friend and yourself for self-guided medicine sessions.

Psychiatric or Medical Ketamine Prescriber

Getting a prescription for lozenges can happen in a few ways. Ask your Psychiatrist, Psychiatric Nurse,  Personal Care Physician (PCP), Nurse Practitioner, or Physician Assistant. See if they are willing to be a prescriber. Truthfully a lot of folx are still really uncomfortable considering this medication.

Full Living can support you by speaking to your medical professional about the prescription. Alternatively we can schedule you with our ketamine prescriber.

On Line Lozenge Prescription Ketamine

There are several online companies that provide evaluations and prescription ketamine for at home use. This can then be used with a psychotherapist or for a self-directed session. Some of the programs are limited to the medical evaluation and prescription ketamine. Some programs offer a range of therapy-like services to support your treatment. They can be pretty costly and are most certainly not psychedelic assisted psychotherapy, but can be a great for supplemental material.

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