In the case of ketamine vs other psychedelics, people assume ketamine will lose. Total mistake. Ketamine offers unique features particularly well suited to psychotherapy and healing journeys.

Don’t let ketamine’s ugly step sister status keep you from considering this unique, novel tool for healing.

Ketamine vs Other Psychedelics Upsides:

  • It is currently legal and available for use in clinical settings. The medicine is reasonably priced, and accessible through a medical prescriber.
  • It is a long established safe medicine with minimal risks, counter-indications or side-effects.
  • The molecule itself can help with mood disorders, much like standard anti-depressants and anti-anxieties, but operating of a different system (glutamate).
  • As a dissociative anesthetic it facilitates a somatic, internal experience, ideal for a deep dive into the unconscious.
  • The medicine facilitates neuroplasticity for days after each treatment This means it helps the mind to operate outside of our default mode functioning. It creates novel opportunities for growth and change with our most entrenched thoughts and behaviors.
  • The medicine session itself only lasts 40 to 60 minutes. This makes it ideal for first time psychedelic users, allows the trip to be focused on a handful of thoughts/feelings/experiences, making it easier to harness/capture them for processing.The shorter length also lends itself well to having a therapist present during the experience.

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