So much psychedelic buzz, so little helpful concrete information!

Let these short articles fix that. Familiarity with the basic parameters of the psychedelic assisted psychotherapy world will help during your intake evaluation for you and our director to figure out how to best proceed.

What is Ketamine?

How ketamine works in our efforts for transformation are unique to this medicine; each of the 3 ways is potent in its own right. These components can work separately and in tandem with each other.

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Ketamine vs Other Psychedelics

In the case of ketamine vs other psychedelics, people assume ketamine will lose. Total mistake. Ketamine offers unique features particularly well suited to psychotherapy and healing journeys.

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Prescription Ketamine: Varying Sources and Types

The step before acquiring prescription ketamine is to get the lay of the land about your treatment goals and resulting treatment plan.

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Psychedelic Psychotherapy Services

There are multiple psychedelics currently in late stage trials with the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) and some of the countries most prestigious medical research organizations for use in psychedelic assisted psychotherapy. MDMA, commonly referred to as ecstasy or molly, is slated for legal use with specially trained psychotherapist in 2024.

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