Micah W.
Full Living Psychotherapy Practice is a gift to Philadelphia. Karen has assembled an amazing team of therapists who have the experience and breadth of experience to meet most folks needs. I regularly refer folks to Full Living, with deep trust and confidence that Karen will be able to help make a good match for someone’s therapeutic needs. Finding a good therapist is an art, not a science, and Full Living is an amazing tool in that creative, life-giving endeavor. Thank you!

Ben B.
Working with Karen Smith has allowed me to grow so much and work through some major fear and shame over my gender identity. She is excellent.

Sonalee R.
Karen has been my therapist for over a year and she is empathetic, kind, and warm when I need it most. She challenges me and holds me accountable. She is knowledgeable and teaches continuing education and is committing to furthering the field of therapy.

Amanda M.
This referral is just sharing what I have repeatedly told friends looking for a therapist – both individuals and couples – about how highly I recommend Karen Smith (at Full Living). It’s not easy to find a therapist that you work well with. I have tried several and only been so lucky twice, and one of these was Karen. Over the course of the year I worked with her I grew a lot with her support and from her style, communication and integrity as a therapist. There was always space for heightened emotions, honesty (from her side too) and comfort. I felt cared about but not taken care of and learned how to do that better myself throughout. I also never felt a session was wasted. Whether I showed up with an agenda that day or not the time was meaningfully spent. Thanks, Karen.

Melissa K.
Karen is a fantastic clinical supervisor. She was able to provide guidance, support and insight from her years of clinical experience. I highly recommend her as a supervisor and resource for fellow clinical social workers!

Ron R.
Our work with Full Living opened up communication in our relationship. The conversations continue.

Nichola K.
Karen has been an amazing guide at multiple times in my life when I needed extra support to work through a variety of issues in my life. We have worked in concentrated bursts and in between she continues to make space for me when new issues surface or I am simply in need of a “tune up”. Her balance of empathy, humor and knowledge of psychotherapeutic practice is remarkable.

Gloria G.
My husband and I have been seeing Karen Smith for couples counseling. Karen’s listening style has made it fairly easy for us to discuss some of our biggest issues and triggers. She offers insights and solutions with humor, kindness and respect. Karen gets to the heart of the matter quickly and helps us to find different ways of reacting to situations that have helped us to improve our communications.

Natalie T.
Karen Smith is one of the smartest and most sophisticated therapists I know. She’ll work hard to find a great match.

Margot T.
Full Living is just that, a roadmap for living your fullest life. What a remarkable journey.

Tina D.
The therapists have so many years of experience, and the matching process is really thoughtful and sincere.

Tony B.
If you are thinking about working with a therapist, Full Living is the way to go.

Sarah T.
I have great respect for Karen’s ability to thoughtfully and intentionally find a match between a therapist and a client.

Karen M.
My husband was very reticent to go to therapy. Karen found him someone he feels really understands him and for the first time ever, he is going regularly and seeing real benefit from the relationship . I would recommend their services highly to people who want not just “a therapist” but “the right therapist. “

Josh D.
Karen is a warm, compassionate clinician who has assembled an impressive team of therapists at Full Living.

Ellen S.
I’ve worked with many therapists as an adult, but what I’ve experienced at Full Living with Karen Smith is just qualitatively different….and better. As the website says, the “special sauce” has to do with the relationship between therapist and client. That relationship is only as good as I’m willing to be fully present and open and that has everything to do with the therapist. I have found Karen to be insightful, nurturing, challenging (in good ways), and (crucial for me) funny, smart, and able to connect and think well in the moment as well as over the long haul. Many many thanks, Full Living and Karen Smith. My life really is fuller. Truth in advertising for sure!