Therapy requires a serious investment of time, finances and emotional commitment. Because outpatient therapy is typically elective, people naturally think a lot about the costs. Frequently all our anxieties and uncertainties get reduced to concerns about the fees. While financial considerations are important in our lives, therapy is a worthwhile investment that will change our experience of life. During the intake consultation, we will discuss fees.


Individual, Couples and Family Modalities
50 minutes
$135 to $220

Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP)

Individual, Couples and Group Modalities
Fees are based on Psychotherapy Fees
And Vary Due to Wide Range of Modalities

Clinical Supervision

50 minutes
$160 to $220

Psychedelic Clincial Education/Consultation

50 minutes


Full Living does not contract with insurance companies. We understand most people seek therapy with the intention of using their insurance. Our decision is two-fold.

Full Living prioritizes strong, quality, seasoned clinicians and well-made matches. As consumers of service providers, be they accountants, lawyers, doctors, or baby-sitters, it is best to work with peoples based on a knowledgeable recommendation, not a random list. Full Living provides sophisticated, thoughful, skilled matching with a therapist suited to your needs and personality. It is the next best thing to a personal referral.

The foundation of the field/practice/ethics of psychotherapy is confidentiality. Insurance companies require us to break confidentiality in order to seek reimbursement. We need to tell them that you are in therapy. We have to give them a diagnosis describing what is wrong with you. We have to tell them how often we see you and for how long you choose to be in therapy. In some cases we need to send them treatment plans and goals. Full Living believes therapists need to withdraw from collaboration with this demand.

You might to share that you are in therapy, the reasons why and the work you are doing in therapy, with some of your family and friends. That is an awesome thing to do. But the insurance company is something we hope will give you pause.

Upon request, Full Living will provide you will a receipt of payment called a “superbill” you can use to seek reimbursement from your insurance company, understanding this will require we provide you with a diagnosis.