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Matching is our specialty

Psychedelic Assisted Psychotherapy

Matching is our specialty

We specialize in making thoughtful matches between clients and therapists based on clients stated needs but also on personality and style. Matches are made by our director after a free initial consultation with her. We offer relational psychotherapy clinical services for teens, adults, couples and families. We provide culturally competent clinical services, supporting gender and sexuality diversity, and are kink and polyamorous affirming. We work exclusively with seasoned clinicians with offices throughout the city.

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Psychedelic Assisted Psychotherapy

We offer individual, couples, group, and retreat settings for guided psychedelic medicine sessions along with preparation and integration sessions to help you make the most of this novel treatment. Besides working exclusively with seasoned clinicians, we have all engaged in specialized training in psychedelic psychotherapy. Our work is exclusively above-ground, legal work, with medical oversight and safety protocols.

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FULL LIVING A Psychotherapy Practice


Full Living: A Psychotherapy Practice, guided by founder/director Karen L. Smith, MSS, LCSW, specializes in making meaningful matches between clients and therapists in Philadelphia and the Greater Philadelphia area.

  • Full Living works exclusively with seasoned, talented clinicians.
  • Full Living matches clients with therapists based on the clients’ stated needs, as well as personality and style.
  • Psychotherapists with varied training, education, specialties, and approaches so we can find the right therapist for you.
  • Full Living prioritizes quality clinicians, racial and ethnic cultural competence, supports gender and sexuality diversity, and provides a safe environment for transgender, non-binary, kink, and polyamorous clients. LGBTQI sensitivities and cultural competencies can’t be taught. They’re built on an open mind and compassion for all people, a quality that defines every clinician at Full Living.

There are a multitude of issues that bring people into psychotherapy. Sometimes it’s a mood or diagnostic issue, like depression, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorders, or eating disorders, but it can just as frequently be issues like low self-esteem, an existential crisis, or a life circumstance you need help thinking through.

Each prospective client receives a free initial consultation with Full Living’s director/founder, who leverages her decades in this field and intimate knowledge of each Full Living clinician to personally select a well-matched therapist.

Full Living: A Psychotherapy Practice has offices throughout Philadelphia and The Greater Philadelphia Area including multiple offices in Center City 19109, Chestnut Hill 19118, Northern Liberties 19123, Old City 19106, Rittenhouse Square 19146, Roxborough 19106, South Philly 19107, University City 19104, West Philly 19143, and surrounding neighborhoods including Glenside 19038, Haverford 19041, and Narberth 19072.


Offices in Philadelphia and Glenside Pennsylvania

Psychedelics provide a novel tool for accessing unconscious material while in a conscious, lucid state, allowing us to connect with our own inner healing wisdom. We can find answers from our core, have opportunities to see ourselves, our relationships and our lives from totally different perspectives, and derail our default mode processing.

With the help and support of a psychotherapist specifically trained in psychedelic assisted psychotherapy, in coordination with your existing therapist when appropriate, you will set plans and intentions for your medicine sessions, get guidance and containment from a therapist sitting right at your side, and learn tools for integrating what you learned in your session.

Each prospective client receives a free initial consultation with Full Living’s director/founder to help determine if you are a good candidate for psychedelic assisted psychotherapy, to walk you through the process of obtaining a prescription, and to help access the best modality for your work.

Full Living: Psychedelic Psychotherapy offers ketamine-assisted psychotherapy for individuals, couples and small groups in Glenside and Center City Philadelphia.

Information about Psychedelic Assisted Psychotherapy

3 Ways Ketamine Can Help Us Heal

Ways to Access Ketamine

Why Ketamine and not other Psychedelics

Psychedelic Offerings at Full Living


I recently finished the ketamine, assisted psychotherapy training with Karen Smith at full living and Dr. Sophia Brandstetter at the KoOp. What a wonderful, robust and thoughtful curriculum I very much appreciated how both of these women taught from their theoretical perspectives. There was afrom there theoretical perspectives. There was so much knowledge being shared from their experiences as ketamine assisted, psychedelic practitioners and the readings and the discussion were right on target. I feel ready to incorporate this into my psychotherapy practice as an another modality. Highly recommend!

Tracey E.

Karen is a gifted clinician with an authentic approach to treatment. She was nonjudgmental, kind, supportive and gave me exceptional guidance throughout our time working together. Her practice incorporates tried and true therapeutic modalities with current evidence based practices seamlessly. I'm eternally grateful to have connected with her practice and to know I have her in my corner!

Gabrielle B.

Experienced, compassionate, and competent therapy. Responsive insight into the potential of Ketamine-assisted psychotherapy. Karen Smith is an experienced and discerning practitioner who seeks out other excellent therapists for FullLiving. I would trust her recommendations.

Toni M.

Full Living and Karen Smith are top notch clinicians in the field. I have referred many clients to Karen and always know that they will be in good hands. Karen has been a mentor for me in the Psychedleic Psyhotherapy space. I highly recommend Karen.

Madeline R.

Full Living was recommended to me via several friends and I have been very impressed. Karen did a great intake interview and matched me with a wonderful therapist whose style and personality are a very good match - a huge relief after years of trying to sort through therapists on my own without any way to determine if we would be suited to each other. Karen has made this a very smooth, friendly and straightforward experience and I would definitely recommend her practice!

Emily L.

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