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Clinical Study and Supervision Group (16 CE’s) Learning from our Mistakes

Clinical Study and Supervision Group (16 CE’s) Learning from our Mistakes

Learning from Our Mistakes: Beyond Dogma in Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy For both seasoned clinicians and beginners alike, getting unknowingly sucked into enactments with clients is par for the course of long-term work traversing the world of the unconscious. Regardless of our clinical orientation, we can find ourselves […]

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Anxiety, Medication and Lost Decades

Both my client and I sat with such a strange mixture of feelings tonight. In the past 2 weeks his life has radically changed for the better. A burden that has been eating him alive for over 30 years has been lifted. After having spent 20 years […]

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Counseling Isn’t Therapy

Many folks, including some clinicians, use the terms counseling and therapy as if they are interchangeable. Many clinicians engage almost exclusively in the use of counseling techniques and mistakenly call what they do as therapy. This is a serious pet peeve of mine. Okay, not really a […]

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Go To Therapy Now

A blog about therapy Folks compare a lot of things to therapy, like hikes in nature, talks with a good friend, meditation, and even confessions to a priest. All those things are great, and can be great tools for a good life. But they are not therapy. […]

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