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Who is going to Win; You, or your Relationship?

Who is going to Win; You, or your Relationship?

When couples fight, the need to be right can easily distracts us from the damage that insistence does to our relationship. Unfortunately we really have to chose who is going to win, you or your relationship. Most folks come upon it honestly. In childhood we need to […]

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Headline Your Needs!

You are radically more likely to get your basic needs meet when you announce them to your partner/friend/boss/parent. Examples: “I could use for you to hear me out before you respond” “I just need to vent right now; I don’t need you to fix anything or give […]

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Quarantine Your Business

S: “I have been thinking about maybe going away for a three day weekend” L: “Me too! Where should we go”? S: “Remember when we stayed at the cabin? That is still one of my favorite vacations we have taken. It was so relaxing”. L: “But it […]

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Don’t Argue in Bed

  I don’t mean don’t fight right before we go to sleep. While it sucks when that happens, sometimes it happens and makes most sense to have the fight then. But sit up! Get out of bed! Bed is for a lot of things, but not for […]

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