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“the analyst’s task is to reclaim for thought what might otherwise be dispersed in action and reaction”  — Betty Joseph



Full Living Founder and Director Karen L. Smith prioritized bringing on a wide range of clinicians who vary in style and approach, training and skills, along with personal and professional backgrounds. Central to the design of this group practice is making great matches for clients with a therapist who can best meet their needs. This means providing basic options as per gender, race, sexual orientation, ethnicity, but also just having clinicians with a variety of different personalities.

Like our locations, we ask that wait until our free initial intake consultation before becoming “connected” to a particular clinicians, so our Director can suggest a match based on your stated wishes and her clinical assessment.


Meet our Clinicians…


Full Living | Psychotherapy Practice | Philadelphia | Clinicians | Kelly BassettKelly L. Bassett | M.Ed.

Kelly is a psychoanalyst who is trained to help patients create change, truly know themselves, and begin to feel better. She does this in part by creating a safe and open therapeutic environment, helping people recognize and embrace their strengths, sharpen their coping skills for the inevitable challenges in life, and identify and reframe self-defeating thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. She works collaboratively and actively with her patients and helps them to connect more easily with their instinct and their true sense of self and to live a more satisfying and fuller life.

Kelly has a Master’s Degree in Counseling from the University of Maryland at College Park and did her training as a psychoanalyst at the National Institute for the Psychotherapies in New York City. She is currently a candidate in the New Jersey Couples Therapy Training Program at the Center for Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis of New Jersey. Kelly also sits on the board of directors of the Philadelphia Society for Psychoanalytic Psychology and the Therapy Center of Philadelphia.

Kelly works with a wide range of issues including relationships, issues around empowerment and self-esteem, decreasing anxiety, managing and overcoming depression, trauma, reconciling conflictual and/or unconscious feelings, and overcoming loss including death and the process of divorce and other major life changes and disruptions.

Services currently offered: Individuals and Couples Therapy. Works with Teens and Adults.


Full Living | Psychotherapy Practice | Philadelphia | Clinicians | Jeff BeersJeff Beers | MFT

Relationships form the infrastructure of our lives.  How we interact with other people shapes the way we feel, think, view ourselves and understand the world around us.  While many people can grow up, start families, find meaning, enjoy life, and develop strong relationships without the aid of therapy, there are times when good clinical help is simply what is needed to live well.

Jeff works with people who are troubled by distress, conflict, imbalance or distance in their relationships and personal lives and have a desire to change.  Some people come in a recent aftermath of personal or relational trauma; others seek therapy when they finally feel certain that something needs to be different.  

Jeff’s work is particularly well-suited for those who are experiencing grief & loss, compassion fatigue, anxiety, depression, issues of violence in relationships, chronic relationship conflict, concerns of spirituality, purpose, and identity.  He is well-trained to work with couples & families, and has special aptitude for connecting with pre-teens, adolescents, and men who are uncertain about entering therapy.

Jeff’s process is insight-oriented but stays connected with the present day. He is collaborative and compassionate but tells you what he thinks.  Clients are drawn to his warmth and presence, and appreciative of his engaging style. Jeff is deeply curious about how his clients see and experience the world.  In addition to his practice with Full Living, Jeff works as a PreK-8 School Counselor and is on the staff at Menergy, an organization that provides therapy for abusive individuals.

Services currently offered: Individual, Couples, and Family Therapy. Works with Adolescents, Teens and Adults.


Full Living | Psychotherapy Practice | Philadelphia | Clinicians | Marquita BoldenMarquita Bolden | MSW, LCSW

At it’s best, therapy is a space where your worries can be heard without judgement, where you can gain a deeper understanding of how those challenges started, what keeps them going, and techniques to calm them. Therapy, at it’s best, is a safe space where you can heal yourself with the support of a compassionate therapist.  As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker providing mental health therapy, Marquita specializes in helping people manage problems related to anxiety, grief, life transitions, depression, and traumatic experiences.  Throughout Marquita’s career, she has worked with people from many walks of life, from those who survived life-threatening events to those working through everyday troubles.  As a therapist, Marquita’s role is to join with you in your cloud of worry or sadness, and accompany you on your path to wellness.  

A graduate of the University of Pennsylvania with 10 years experience as a therapist, Marquita has training in cognitive-behavioral (CBT), trauma-focused, and other therapy styles.  She has found that many people enjoy CBT because it is designed to teach you how to talk back to your upsetting thoughts and feelings.  CBT offers tools for you to heal yourself and take your own counsel.

Outside of Full Living, Marquita provides trauma-focused therapy services for children and teenagers with the Children’s Crisis Treatment Center.  

Services currently offered: Individual and Family therapy. Works with Teens and Adults.


Full Living | Psychotherapy Practice | Philadelphia | Clinicians | Josh DobbsJosh Dodes | MSW, LCSW

Deciding to begin psychotherapy is one of the kindest and most important choices you can make for yourself.  It can be a turning point in your life, but it can also feel scary to talk to someone you don’t know well.  Josh provides a warm, safe environment where he will listen carefully and will work together with you to understand and resolve the concerns you are struggling with and how they affect your current life.

Josh works with adults and adolescents who are struggling with relationship difficulties, performance issues, perfectionism, anxiety, depression, loss, low self-esteem, and a wide range of other concerns. When you come into Josh’s office, you will talk together about what you are struggling with and where you are feeling stuck.  Josh believes therapy should be an interactive process, where you and he work together as a team, and talk about anything that is important to you.

Josh has advanced training in psychoanalysis and psychoanalytic psychotherapy, but draws upon a number of treatment approaches in his work, including relational therapy, psychodynamic therapy, self-psychological therapy, and cognitive-behavioral therapy.

Services currently offered: Individual and Couples therapy. Works with Adolescents and Adults.


Full Living | Psychotherapy Practice | Philadelphia | Clinicians | Shiela FoxSheila Fox | LCSW, LMFT

Sheila has been in practice as a Clinical Social Worker and Marrige and Family Therapist for over thirty years. She values authenticity and deep connection. Her specializations include Archetypal Dreamwork, trauma, recovery and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. She is also a working artist using abstract painting as a way to communicate feeling and experience “from the inside out”.

Sheila wants the therapeutic relationship to be a partnership where change and growth happen.

Services currently offered: Individuals, Couples, and Families.


Full Living | Psychotherapy Practice | Philadelphia | Clinicians | Paula GonzalesPaula Gonzalez | MSW, LSW

Paula is a licensed mental health practitioner that has been working in this field for over 20 years. She believes that through therapy a person can strengthen and develop new life skills that will help them cope with life problems thereby improving quality of life.

Paula has worked in a wide range of high intensity settings helping victims of trauma and domestic violence, those in active addiction and in recovery, families that have children with behavioral issues placing them at risk of out of home placement, and minority communities such as the Hispanic, African American, and GLBTQI.

Services currently offered: Individual, Couples, and Family Therapy. Works with Teens and Adults.


Full Living | Psychotherapy Practice | Philadelphia | Clinicians | Chris GrundyChris Grundy | PSY.D

How you relate to others is an important part of who you are. Some people feel isolated and alone, while others feel stifled and challenged from managing too many close relationships. People often suffer because they are caught in old patterns of behaving and relating to others. Healing comes from feeling acceptance, compassion and forgiveness toward yourself. These feelings can then be directed toward others. Chris provides a safe, supportive space to help you explore and strengthen what is working in your life while finding opportunities to change what isn’t working. Several techniques and approaches will be integrated to help you achieve your unique goals and maximize your strengths. In collaboration with Chris you will set achievable goals and work to establish new skills.

The goal of therapy is to rediscover your own voice, your own priorities, and find the courage to act on them. Weekly sessions are a time to work and focus on helping you to achieve those goals. Together you and Chris will work to become more focused, more hopeful, decisive, and energetic.

Services currently offered: Individual and Couples Therapy. Particular interest in LGBTQI communities.


Full Living | Psychotherapy Practice | Philadelphia | Clinicians | Shobhana KanalShobhana Kanal |  MSS, LCSW

Psychotherapy is a unique partnership that can help you step back, experience yourself and the world in new ways, and make empowered choices about how to live your life. Good therapy can help you learn or strengthen skills for coping with life’s challenges, identify the purpose for your life, and harness your own talents. If you engage wholeheartedly in the therapeutic conversation, you will begin to develop a better understanding of yourself and others and increase your capacity for joy.  

Clients describe Shobhana as warm, encouraging, and nonjudgmental.  She listens closely and actively, but doesn’t fit the stereotype of the near-silent therapist. As one client put it, “This feels more like a conversation.”

With 15 years of experience helping people with a wide range of mental health concerns and life challenges, Shobhana can provide brief counseling or life coaching that targets a specific problem, as well as long-term therapy that helps people work though deep-seated conflicts and relationship patterns. She additionally provides specialized coaching for busy people who are overwhelmed by clutter and disorganization. Shobhana teaches ways to create space and use simple organizational practices in your home or office, so you can focus on and enjoy the things that really matter in your life.

Services currently offered: Individual and Couples Therapy, Life Coaching. Shobhana is half South Asian and has a particular interest in the experience of first-generation Americans and multicultural families.


Full Living | Psychotherapy Practice | Philadelphia | Clinicians | Amy Marlow-MaCoy Amy Marlow-MaCoy | M.Ed., LPC

Your picture is in the dictionary next to Overachiever. You’re the perfectionist who never feels good enough, the weary peacekeeper, and the family mediator. You care deeply about your loved ones, but sometimes you want to pull your hair out (or maybe their hair) from the effort of making everyone else happy. You are on the edge of burnout from taking care of others first, and really want to learn how to take care of yourself without feeling guilty for it.

I’m so glad you’re here! I understand what it’s like to feel utterly overwhelmed by the problems in your life, to feel like you might drown in the tide of someone else’s needs and expectations. I want to help you with that. Clients who have benefited most from working with me often describe themselves as the peacekeepers, mediators, or “fix-it” people within their circles. I am passionate about helping you learn to balance taking care of yourself with caring for your loved ones.

Amy is a Licensed Professional Counselor. She was recently certified in Dr. Karyl McBride’s 5-Step Recovery Model for Adult Children of Narcissists, and is also currently pursuing advanced training in Internal Family Systems Theory.

Services currently offered: Individual and Group Therapy for Adults and Teens


Full Living | Psychotherapy Practice | Philadelphia | Clinicians | Carol Martin JohnsonCarol Martin Johnson | RN, ATR-BC, LPC

Carol is an art therapist.

Carol is trained as both a psychotherapist, and art therapist, along with a 15 year background as a community health nurse is rural, urban and international settings. Sometimes we struggle to find words for our experiences. Sometimes words are not enough. Art therapy uses images, artmaking and metaphors to provide an alternative way of communicating and expressing anxiety, pain or emotions as a result of trauma, abuse, depression and other debilitating health conditions. Creating art can help us see situations from different perspectives and bring new understanding and insight. Artmaking can help us imagine a new way forward. Artistic ability is not necessary to participate in art therapy so it is a resource available to anyone.

Carol’s nursing background makes her I keenly aware of the holistic nature of humans, the mind/body connection, and the importance of both physical and emotional self-care to promote healing.

Sometimes we lose track of our own internal resources and unique abilities. Sometimes we forget what they are, sometimes they simply seem insufficient or inadequate. Carol’s therapy style is grounded in helping to identify and nurture the inherent internal strengths found in each individual and helping to channel these to cope with current challenges.
Sometimes difficult experiences make us feel that we have lost ourselves or forgotten who we are. Carol accompanies, encourages and educates as she walks alongside individuals on their journey toward integration, reconnection with the self and a sense of wholeness. She creates the safe space where one can begin to imagine what the way forward might look like. Her therapy provides the space to breathe deeply and allow the pieces of oneself to float back together.

Services currently offered: Individual Adults, Older Adults, Group Therapy


Full Living | Psychotherapy Practice | Philadelphia | Clinicians | Kathryn MillerKathryn Miller | LCSW, RPT-S, CIMI

Kathy is a qualified child and family psychotherapist who is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW), Registered Play Therapist-Supervisor (RPT-S), and Certified Infant Massage Instructor (CIMI). She has clinical expertise in treating general anxiety in children, as well as helping families affected by early childhood stressors including trauma or abuse, adoption, loss, divorce, and maternal postpartum depression.  

Kathy has a warm, genuine approach and works closely with families to ensure treatment is tailored to your child’s individual needs. She does this by incorporating play therapy and expressive arts with structured evidence based practices such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT), and Child-Parent Psychotherapy (CPP).  In addition to her extensive clinical expertise, Kathy also has personal experience with being internationally adopted, which has been a large inspiration for her work with children and families.

Services currently offered: Play Therapy and dyadic attachment-based Family Therapy. Works with Infants, Children and Adolescents and their Families. Also offers Infant Massage Instruction to caregivers.  Infant Massage has been proven to promote attachment and development.  


Full Living | Psychotherapy Practice | Philadelphia | Clinicians | Gwendolyn PhillipsGwendolyn Phillips |  LCSW

Gwen believes that therapy can be a positive journey, a way to learn more about ourselves, our strengths and the things we may want to change.Therapy gives us the opportunity to look within ourselves over time in a safe environment , and develop an array of positive coping skills.  Therapy can help us identify new life changing goals and help us find the courage to move forwarded and make those goals our reality.

Gwen is a graduate of Temple University and is trained in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Narrative Therapy and other techniques used to assist clients through life changing circumstances She has been in private practice for over twenty years with a focus on Substance Abuse Disorders, Grief, Depression, Anxiety, Bio-Polar Disorder, Trauma Recovery, Low Self-Esteem and Women in Transaction. She has a proud history of working for the Department of Veterans Affairs supervising numerous Mental Health Programs, the Women’s Center and is now additionally providing services to North West Victims Services.
Services currently offered: Individual and Couples


Full Living | Psychotherapy Practice | Philadelphia | Clinicians | Sarah TrottaSarah Trotta

People seek therapy for a number of reasons. Many times people come with a particular and precise problem to address, and other times people come with a general and thematic sense that they are not living their lives in a way that feels right or true. Whatever your reason for considering therapy, Sarah is thrilled at the opportunity to work together. She believes that therapy can be a space to develop a healthy and healing relationship in which you can safely explore the ghosts of your past and make sense of the way that they exist in your present moment; it is through this understanding that you can fully create the shape of your future.

Sarah obtained her Master of Social Work degree at the University of Pennsylvania where she focused her learning on clinical work with survivors of trauma.  While completing her MSW at Penn, she received the John Hope Franklin Combating American Racism Award for her attention to the great import of an anti-racist lens in clinical social work. She is currently pursuing a Doctorate in Clinical Social Work at the University of Pennsylvania, and her academic research focuses on the experience of psychological safety after a sexual assault.

Sarah uses a feminist and social justice lens in her work; she believes that any internal struggle is deeply connected to the social environment in which a person is situated. She believes fully in the power of a healing relationship and works collaboratively with her clients to find and honor their inner truth.
Services currently offered: Inviduals


Full Living | Psychotherapy Practice | Philadelphia | Clinicians | Emily SonensheinEmily Sonenshein | Psy.D.

Emily is a psychologist who strives to create a safe, non-judgmental, collaborative therapeutic environment in which clients can develop self-awareness and self-acceptance. She aims to help her clients to develop healthy coping skills as well as insight and to enhance their interpersonal relationships. She works with her clients to build on their strengths and to make positive changes in their lives in order to experience a greater sense of satisfaction and fulfillment.

Emily has a Psy.D. (Doctor of Psychology) degree from Widener University. She has worked most extensively as a therapist at college counseling centers and eating disorder treatment centers. Emily works with a range of issues, including but not limited to eating disorders/body image issues, women’s issues, physical health-related issues, depression, anxiety, relationship issues, and family issues.

Services currently offered: Individual and Family Therapy with Adults and Teens.


Full Living | Psychotherapy Practice | Philadelphia | Clinicians | Merin WexlerMerin Wexler | MSS, LCSW

We all have untapped resilience. Adversity can be a gift. These are Merin’s core beliefs. As a therapist her goal is to help you live the life you want. She believes change is possible at any stage of life. We are all life-long learners. Often the first step is speaking honestly and feeling understood.

Merin works with adults seeking relief from anxiety, depression, and relationship troubles. Many of her clients have suffered loss or trauma. With a background in education and in the arts, Merin believes that self-expression can help you live a life that is more rich and authentic.
A good therapist provides unconditional acceptance and an open mind. A sense of humor helps, too. Merin loves her work and looks forward to seeing how you two might work together.

Services currently offered: Individual Therapy. Works with Adults.

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